Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hope Valley Challenge

Hardest ride I have done so far, via Jaggers Clough, Edale and up Jacobs Ladder to Hayfield returning via Rushup Edge and takes in Hollins Cross (Mam Tor) on the way back.

Just 5 minutes (Top of Jacobs Ladder)
Totally shattered, not just from the climbs, but from the decents too, the only way to negotiate most of the very rocky trails was to pick a line going down, and pin it. You sort of skip from the top of one stone to another, get slow, the wheels start to track in to all the dips, and then it's game over.

Game over dude

Just a few yards after this gate I had a OTB moment, right in to the only large muddy puddle for miles around, at least it was soft.  Eddie was laughing too hard to remember to take a photo.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Holme Valley Challenge Done!

Click on map to enlarge

Just got back. Big thanks to Eddie for the taxi ride. Great event, well organised/marshalled, A bit windy at the start, but fair weather for the most part, but oh my god the climbs!  Managed to get around 13 minutes under the target time I had set my-self! but that just raises the bar for next time :) ......Hope to be doing it again next year!

                                      Click on above map for more

Monday, 5 September 2011

Holme Valley Challenge

After listening to many and more threats on my part to some serious riding this year (with no obvious result) my mate Eddie finaly lost patience, and took action. I now find myself suddenly looking forward to the Holme valley challenge on the 11th of Sept 2011, and the Hope valley Challenge, 2 weeks later on the 24th.

The bike is fettled, my new team velocake  kit is on the way,

 everything is go... :) I just need to eat my greens for a week, and pray for the dry weather to continue.